Summary of 2000-welcome 2021-Hypo confidently turns 20

Summary of 2000-welcome 2021-Hypo confidently turns 20

Dear: Dear ACE HYPO members!

▶️ “Alone, each of us is just a drop of water – Together, we are the Ocean”
All of Hypo’s successes originate from the collective strength and intelligence, from the enthusiasm of each member of the organization. Therefore, it is none other than each HYPO family member who created the joy and success of the past 2020.

▶️ Our year-end party 2020 is as warm as a big family reunion welcoming relatives back home. Closing were happy, joyful smiles, sincere touching words of sharing, and pride in being a member of the big Hypo family. Emotions and lingering echoes always arouse the HYPO spirit, marking a good start for the new year 2021. It’s a great honor to have companions who always consider Hypo as their second home, Those shared words give us a warm and extremely touching feeling.

▶️ Each Hypo member has not only fulfilled their own mission, always creating positive energy for themselves, but moreover has spread spirit and joy to their colleagues and loved ones in their journey. your submission.
What could be happier than when Hiep Phong is a place to meet, connect relationships, give wings to teamwork, unity, sympathy… but not just colleagues. Forging a Hiep Phong today – United, strong, full of positive energy, ready to overcome all challenges, reaching the age of 20 – successful, strong, confident, proud and proud of the journey is over.

▶️ Age 20 – the decisive years of life, just a small change can significantly change our lives. In your 20s, if you have the determination to turn dreams – thoughts into actions and always exceed all goals, you will be able to go further and faster than at any other stage.

▶️ This is a key time for what we will do and give opportunities for positive thinking to change ourselves – any changes will have a great impact on the immediate journey and even many years to come.
▶️ Let’s get started – what are you waiting for?
▶️ We have had the first January of 2021 with 110% of the plan completed and up to 90% of the warriors received rewards for successfully completing their assigned plans – and for those of you who are close to the finish line, what will you do? This? Don’t worry – we still have February and March of the quarter left.
Beyond the month, we will surpass the quarter, beyond the quarter, we will excel in the year… Wishing all the warriors to successfully complete their 2021 tasks to welcome our 20th anniversary!
To have a deeply meaningful 20-year event, a year full of proud memories, let’s start celebrating with specific actions for 2021.
Thank you for your companionship and solidarity. Always be a healthy and cohesive link to create the HYPO boat to overcome waves and reach new successes!!!
Victory day is the proudest day for each of us – Hypo people!