Warning about increased risk of stroke due to stress.

Warning about increased risk of stroke due to stress.

According to recently published research, 1 in 7 British people are always in a state of extreme stress - this is the cause of increased risk of stroke.
Stress in modern life increases the risk of stroke
In a poll of over 2,000 people in the UK, about 1 in 5 women and 1 in 10 men said their stress levels were out of control.
Stress is a cause that increases the risk of stroke
Experts warn that stress causes blood pressure to increase and is proportional to the risk of stroke. In addition, if you have a poor diet and are lazy to exercise, it also contributes to causing a stroke to “visit” sooner.

According to a survey by the Stroke Association, nearly 1/5 of people said that they do not spend time exercising. In particular, a quarter of middle-aged people (45-54 years old) said they never exercise, even though this is the group subject to the highest level of stress. According to another survey, about 40% of British people are unaware of the connection between exercise and reducing the risk of stroke.

James Beeby, head of fundraising for the Stroke Association, said: “This research is a warning about the need for widespread propaganda to make the public aware of the dangers of stroke. Because this is one of three the biggest killer in the UK, and we urge everyone to join the campaign to prevent this dangerous disease. In addition, people need to exercise regularly and change their diet to reduce risk of stroke.”

The product contains nattokinase enzyme – Brings happiness to people with stroke

In modern life, whether in England, Vietnam or any other country in the world, stress and stroke are always present. Therefore, from now on, we need to be aware of disease prevention before it is too late.

In Japan, since ancient times, the traditional dish called Natto has been very popular and considered a great invention in the land of the rising sun. Because it not only has common culinary significance, but is also an “effective” remedy for stroke. This dish contains the enzyme nattokinase, which helps prevent the formation and dissolution of blood clots – a cause that people first remember when mentioning brain stroke.


And maybe this will always be just a “story” about a famous culinary dish. Until about 10 years ago, Vietnamese experts used the nattokinase enzyme in the dish Natto to prepare it into a functional food pill. Since its inception, this product has brought happiness to many consumers in our country in preventing and supporting the treatment of brain stroke and improving the sequelae of paralysis, slurred speech, distorted mouth, and preventing Recurrent stroke is safe for the body.

Natto is a simple dish but helps prevent strokes effectively If you are reading this article, you can take notes so that in the future, if you are constantly stressed, you will remember the warnings of British scientists about the risk of stroke. And please note that choosing products of natural origin, extracted from nattokinase enzyme can help you in preventing stroke.