???? June 26, 2020

During the period of economic integration and development, the implementation of corporate culture is of particular importance, significantly affecting the reputation, brand and success of businesses in general.
At Hiep Phong, in addition to distributing and trading pharmaceuticals to serve medical treatment and create motivation to care for people’s health, corporate culture is also highly emphasized. The company has been applying mechanisms to build a sustainable corporate cultural environment in the current trend of integration and development.
In parallel with striving to achieve the set targets and well implementing the provisions of law, Hiep Phong Co., Ltd. constantly improves the material and spiritual life of its employees. At the same time, implement a civilized lifestyle and a dynamic working environment; In which, there is a harmonious and shared relationship between management and employees; Build and properly implement the proposed regulations… Follow well the regulations on working hours, waste collection and maintaining a green, clean and beautiful landscape.

Corporate culture is built to apply to employees in the Company, to preserve and promote good traditions with the slogan “For public health” and the mission “Bringing consumers quality products”. High quality, effective, superior usage, best service. Core value system with the goal of building trust and confidence through product and service quality, with an increasing sense of responsibility, and always enthusiastically dedicating to solving tasks effectively. Create a favorable environment for employees to promote creativity at work.

The implementation of “Corporate Culture” in the Company is always focused and implemented effectively by the Board of Directors and the company’s employees. The behavioral culture of each employee has been oriented and created a unique image, making an important contribution to the Company’s continuous growth. To further promote the positive and negative aspects, each employee has become self-aware so that the Company’s behavioral culture becomes more and more effective. Be responsible for preserving common property, using it for the right purpose, saving and avoiding waste. When working hours are over, turn off electrical equipment before leaving, and strictly comply with rules and regulations.

Cultural building and development activities contribute to bringing Hiep Phong members closer together, with a greater sense of commitment and attachment to the company. This cohesive glue helps Hiep Phong become a unified block, firmly moving into the future with the goal of becoming a leading enterprise in Vietnam.