Business culture

▶️ 1. Consciousness, working style of employees:

Do all the time, dedication, responsibility to work, actively offering a solution to get the job done, not give excuses.

On time culture: Not be late to work, always on time in meetings, anniversaries, etc.

Follow rules, the process of implementing the work, do not create traffic in the working system for personal reasons, affecting the results of work.

A formal and serious working attitude, use working time wisely and effectively, do not spend the time on other personal business.

Cooperate, support other peers effectively

Actively reach out for knowledge to levitate skills, wisdom and intelligence

At the end of the day, write down 5 most important tasks that must be done the next day

“Know how to organize work effectively

We can move slow, but never move backward”


To communicate politely, respectful, cheerful attitude to colleagues, be responsible for work.

Agile, dynamic working attitude, positive working attitudes, not push around responsibility, do not dodge work. Proactively work with self-employment.

▶️ 2. Building environment, cultural life in the company

Build a working environment that is clean, beautiful and safe

Organize the office and workspace, making it clean and neat. Keep clean at the public areas.

It is recommended to walk around, speak softly, and not disturbs other individuals/ departments. 

Every individual has to be mindful about protecting their own properties and the company’s equipment, if there are any signs of damage, please inform the administration department immediately.

Construct a discipline and strict lifestyle:

Make good rules and discipline of the company

Develop consciousness in the company’s activities.

Do not eat or drink during work time, at work place

Do not smoke at the office, when smoking please leave to the balcony, hallway to not disturb other people


Do: Wear prescribed uniforms, fitting dresses, elegant colors, work style. 

Don’t: The skirt is too short, too thin, revealing costumes, wrinkled, sloppy…

▶️ 3. Relay, feedback and coordination, assisting colleagues at work.

Receiving work-related information: Customizing the folding level of information to choose the right timing but not exceeding 24h since the information is received.

When receiving information whether direct, SMS or email, Zalo… should have a confirmation of feedback so that the sender knows the information they have received. Especially with SMS, work emails that directly relate to yourself then you should reply your information to the sender. 

When receiving information whether direct SMS or email, Zalo should have a confirmation of feedback so that the sender knows the information they have received is received

Do not support colleagues with the attitude of being pressured, forced. 

When you need support interactions from other individuals and departments, there is a delicate offer, starting with easy-to-hear words like “help Me”; “support me” Do not use the commands, listeners will see emotions and sometimes you will not be able to achieve what you want.

Of course, when I receive the same suggestions as “my household”, “Help Me”, “Support Me”, you should also think: it is related to your job or not even related but I have the ability to support, support your colleagues as likely as possible. “If you’re good to everyone, 90% of them will also be good to you.”

▶️ 4. The role of each individual in the organization. 

Each individual is a link that creates the smooth operation of the company, when joining HYPO you always make sure you are a healthy and cohesion link.

Set high standards to these values: “Quality-Customer satisfaction-creativity-unique-professional In all individual activities.

The company has clearly assigned tasks, individual functions, teams to understand the description of work, roles and responsibilities of colleagues to properly implement the task function.

Work according to plans and specific goals.Planning and preparing to be thoughtful is an important process affecting the efficiency of work. “If you give me six hours to chop a tree, I’ll spend four more hours grinding the axe. “

Refresh yourself and pass yourself every day. Success is the set of small efforts but is carried out steadily every day.

Always engage family and organization, to always create peace of mind, trust when sticking long term.

When working at HYPO, to achieve time management “achieve the highest efficiency, you establish your goals, integrate your goals with the objectives of the team, department and the company. Always act because the overall goal will develop themselves and contribute to the organization.

Commitment and credibility when getting work and doing the job: performing work efficiently and properly on a dateline is two fundamental factors that make personal credibility. “If you’re still working like the other day, then you just get what yesterday got, If you’re still working as yesterday, then you only get what you’ve previously received, if you’re still working like that before, you’ll also only get the same thing.”

▶️ 5. Communicating in work and at work:

Do not say, swear: do not tell aggressive attitude, the hook, say the ironic, lead the extraction of the word for colleagues (even if that person is younger)

Exchange and conversation between colleagues in the company: we should be open, straightforward, to use words that are understandable, meaningful, accurate and should respect the principle: respect, trust, willingness to receive feedback.

Say thank you: When supported, consulted, helped; Interest.

Even when it comes to difficulty: in work, personal feelings should not be expressed in outrageous attitude: anger, the lack of elegance, the area or sarcasm.

Do not gather, comment on colleagues. Should not distinguish between room, one room is better than the room, blame or be mean to each others even if you think that you need to dissect your experience, you should also choose a delicate suggestion, suggestions to talk privately with colleagues, that division or if the problem is important, related to the company you can through the highest leader for advice, timely intervention.

Communication in the office: Do not talk in the office, say enough to hear, do not talk too loud, should be out of the hallway or the meeting room to talk on the phone no longer than 10 minutes

If the group needs to be exchanged: it should be in the meeting room area to avoid affecting individuals and other departments.

With new employees: need to be friendly, from greeting openly, easy-to-close attitude and willingness to help with work when needed…Are all necessary gestures to help new people feel the friendly working environment so they can express their self-confidence, moreover, the cultural expression of the HYPO community.

Communicating between colleagues together:

Should keep the attitude of respect, honest, peaceful, friendly, cooperative

Watch your fellow colleagues as friends share their work and enjoy the success.

Communication between management with staff:

Fair dealing, employee-oriented staff, timely, guided, shared training and timely comments. Poor employee partial fault due to management lack of stars or not have the training, detailed instructions.

Have the right attitude so employees can present, exchange their thoughts, questions and requests.

Employees, praise the staff as needed, and especially in fact when rebuke, suggestions to employees, should not be heavy words with employees in front of other people and share with employees when they get stuck on work.

The superior should not be scolded or reminded of the lower level in front of other colleagues or their employees to preserve their credibility.

-Communication and conduct between employees with superior:

There should be a respectful attitude, frankly, honest in the conduct, to comply with the assigned job order.

There should be a sharp reaction to the attitude of disagreement with the superior, calm and skillfully expressing the opinion to the superior understand the desire and needs

If the issue is not granted by the employee to be satisfactorily resolved, the employee has the right to present the issue under the model “beyond level” is to meet a higher director or to see the CEO

The ultimate thing and should avoid causing dissolubility, arguing with the superior when your comments are not acceptable will affect your image in the eye of your boss and colleagues. 

▶️ 6. Cultural communication with customers

Principles of communication with partners, customers.

Respect, listen to guest comments. A friendly, convincing, and confident bloom in customers.

Learn about the customs, taste, tastes and aesthetics of our partners and customers who serve.

When customers are unhappy, we understand that the opportunity to recognize, learn and improve products and services of the company.

With the events of gratitude, meeting directly meet passengers: need to have the attitude of reception, serving considerate, passion, polite, elegant, enthusiastic and attentive.

Do not ignore colleagues ‘ difficulties: especially when it is called to participate in support of people in need, Difficulties should be enthusiastic in the ability to allow.

▶️ 7. Activities to lift the spirit of staffs and faculty  

Possible activities: Festival, celebration, summer travel, year-end…Team Building: Principles that are not so economical but should not be wasted, whether it be the company, of certain individuals, should eat just enough, playing medium games.

To promote teamwork, share work for many people, each person contributes 1 job and is not too loaded for 1 number of people.

The pharmacy team is far away, they are long-term relatives and not guests, so remove the hesitance, and put in enthusiasm, positively share and support each other so that the event can be successful and happy. Work hard, play hard, therefore, during teamwork events, don’t close yourself in, be fun, cooperative and connect with colleagues.

Join the enthusiastic mass art programs, team building; funny game show ….

-Interested, share with colleagues when difficulty:

Joy also needs to be shared, should also congratulate, so even with the joyous we should also have the greetings from colleagues.

Do not ignore the difficulties of colleagues, especially when they are people in need of support, try to help them as much as possible with an enthusiastic attitude.

Hopefully each individual is a cultural individual to contribute to building ” HYPO collective culture”. “Every employee is proud of the company culture based on the standards of building together, taking the culture as the foundation of completing the work”.