Core values

▶️ Employees are the company’s great assets:
With the view that employees are the ones who together with the Board of Directors create development and are also the ones who share success and enjoy the results, the company always gives the best treatment. possible for employees. HYPO’s leadership believes that “there are no bad people, only people with bad behavior, let’s change to improve ourselves”. Always respect and promote human dignity.” Fairness: Building a fair working environment, fair behavior among employees regardless of region, background, level, all employees enjoy the same general benefits of the company.
▶️ Professional and creative:
Each individual in the company has their own job description and understands how to carry out their work. Carry out assigned work tasks in a spirit of self-discipline and volunteerism, and well implement the company’s rules and regulations. Management levels are clearly decentralized, with no overlap in work and authority. Continuously improve creativity and innovation to bring high efficiency at work.
▶️ Democracy, sharing, and cooperation for mutual benefit:
Between employees and the company, between employees and each other, and between the company and partners, there is always exchange and coordination to solve tasks to the end with a spirit of cooperation. mutually beneficial.
The company is willing to create conditions for individuals to contribute and express their opinions on all issues: policies, personnel, working environment… but comments must be in a constructive spirit. goodwill, solidarity and company culture compatibility.