Dr.Élo nano silver antibacterial mouthwash for babies (250ml-500ml)

Dr Élo Nano Silver antibacterial mouthwash for babies. Effectively eliminates bad breath, giving you fresh, long-lasting breath, helping you heal quickly after spitting; Resists bacteria that cause tooth decay, gingivitis, canker sores and many other oral diseases; Removes plaque in each tooth gap, helping to keep teeth clean and bright white.

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– 2 TIMES ANTI-BACTERIAL: Antibacterial mouthwash with 20ppm Nano Silver concentration, giving 2 times longer antibacterial time than regular mouthwash.
– SUPER SMALL NANO SILVER: The Nano Silver used has a super small size: +-13nm. Claimed to be the smallest on the market today, silver atoms easily stick to the oral cavity, helping clean and protect the oral mucosa, gums, and teeth.
– NANO TECHNOLOGY FROM THE ACADEMY: Nano Silver in Dr.ELO mouthwash is produced using Plasma technology transferred from the INSTITUTE OF PHYSICS – VIETNAM ACADEMY OF SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY. Using the 99.9% silver atomic Plasma method, no reducing agent is used in the process of creating Nano particles, so the Nano Particles are Clean – Absolutely safe.
– SUPERIOR NANO SILVER QUALITY: with a total silver ratio higher than 99.9%. Absolutely ensure that Nano Silver does not precipitate or cause sedimentation in the solution when used.
– 3 NO COMMITMENT: Dr.ELO Nano Silver Antibacterial Mouthwash commits 3 NO: NO ALCOHOL, NO PRESERVATIVES, NO CHEMICAL SUGAR, absolutely safe for the body when accidentally ingested.
– ABSOLUTELY SAFE: The product contains 100% safe and benign ingredients, can be used daily for pregnant and lactating women.
– COOL FLAVOR: Mild, cool scent for long-lasting fresh breath and a refreshing feeling after rinsing. The product is loved by the whole family.
Silver nanopaticles (nano bac), Glycerin, Sorbitol, Propylenglycol, Poloxamer, Perfume, Purified water.
• Take about 10 ml and rinse your mouth for about 30 seconds.
• It is more effective to increase the holding time to about 2-5 minutes.
• Do not dilute or rinse with other solutions.
• Effectively eliminates bad breath, giving you fresh, long-lasting breath, helping you heal quickly after spitting.
• Resists bacteria that are at risk of tooth decay, stomatitis and many oral and gum diseases.
• Removes plaque from between teeth, helping to keep teeth clean and bright white.
Note: Do not drink. Keep out of reach of CHILDREN.
Bottle specifications: 250ml & 500ml
Protect yourself and your whole family.
– Storage: Store in a dry place, at a temperature not exceeding 30 degrees Celsius, away from light
– Standard: TCCS
– Registration number: 194/20/CBMP-BN
– Manufactured at: Éloge France Vietnam Pharmaceutical Joint Venture Company.
– Distributor and marketer: Hiep Phong Company Limited.
– Contact to order at website: www.hyposhop.vn
– Hotline: 18006629.