Remedy to cure cough in just 3 days thanks to herbs without antibiotics

Remedy to cure cough in just 3 days thanks to herbs without antibiotics

Kha Tu fruit (Chieu Lieu) – the “top herb” for treating coughs, is recommended by Oriental medicine doctors to completely cure children’s coughs without the need for antibiotics. After only 3 days of use, the cough will completely stop.

After a series of warnings from pediatricians about the overuse of antibiotics to treat coughs, phlegm, fever, etc. for children, causing harm to their health, on health forums, Vietnamese mothers shared their secrets. The decision to treat cough after 3 days with only herbs made many people crazy.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Huong (943 Giai Phong Street, Hanoi) said that her son is only 15 months old and has had a persistent cough for nearly a month without improvement. Even though she took her child to Bach Mai Hospital for examination and treatment as prescribed. Because the persistent cough turned into bronchitis, the baby was prescribed high doses of antibiotics to stop the attack.

As the weather changes, children hospitalized due to respiratory infections increase (Illustration).

Ms. Huong gave her child antibiotics, but the condition improved slowly. The child still had a bad cough, had a runny nose more, and even had digestive disorders. Impatient, Ms. Huong continued to take her child to see Oriental medicine. Accordingly, the doctor prescribed a quite popular herb – kha tu fruit.

After the doctor prescribed the herb kha tu, Ms. Huong was quite surprised and skeptical about the properties of this fruit, because her child had taken high doses of antibiotics without success. However, after receiving advice from the doctor, Ms. Huong still wanted to try to see if the folk remedy really worked.

 Kha tu fruit and licorice are combined to treat coughs very effectively (Photo N.G)

According to the prescription, every day Ms. Huong uses 1 grilled khazi fruit, then drops it in a cup of hot water mixed with a little salt for the baby to suck on (if the baby refuses to drink it, you can mix it with honey-PV).

“Surprisingly, after only 3 days, my baby’s cough stopped and after 7 days there was no more phlegm or runny nose. This is an effective remedy that at first I was skeptical,” Ms. Huong shared.

Also according to the reporter’s research, on the forums there are also shared cough remedies for adults from kha tu. Accordingly, when suffering from sore throat and feeling difficulty swallowing or slight pain in the throat when swallowing, the patient only needs to suck on a kha tu fruit and slowly swallow the water until the acrid substance is gone.

A few hours later, if you still feel uncomfortable, continue sucking on another one. Normally, you should suck on kha tu as soon as you feel difficulty swallowing. Just suck on 1 kha tu fruit to cure your sore throat.

If you take the medicine late, take 3 capsules a day for 2-3 days and your sore throat, dry cough, and muting will all be cured. Another way, patients can use 8g of khazi combined with 6g of licorice, 10g of sand wings, decoct and drink water every day. If the cough lasts for a long time, use 4g of kha tu and ginseng to decoct with 400ml of each, 1/2 divided and drink 3 times to cure.

According to specialists, up to 80% of sore throats and hoarseness are caused by viruses. Meanwhile, kha berries contain tamin, chebutin, terchebin – cough suppressant, antiviral, and antibacterial properties.

In particular, the tamin ingredient contains gallic, egalic, luteolic, chebulinic acids… When these substances are combined together, they will have a stronger antibiotic and bactericidal effect than when extracted separately.

Kha fruit is a “top herb” to treat coughs in children (Photo N.G).

Traditional medicine in many countries has evaluated, through practical use, that kha tu has a sour, astringent, bitter taste, attributed to the lung and colon meridians, and has the effect of suppressing the lungs, purifying the lungs, eliminating coughs, and treating damaged lungs. , cough, pharyngitis, hoarseness.

It is known that kha tu is one of the most revered herbs in India. Not popular with people because of its ugly appearance, bitter taste and difficulty to swallow, but the medical value that Kha Tu brings no one can deny.

According to Associate Professor, Dr. Nguyen Thi Ngoc Dinh – former Director of the Central Ear, Nose and Throat Hospital, kha tu is the “top medicinal herb” to treat nasopharyngitis in children. Therefore, Vietnamese mothers should “refrain” from using antibiotics and look for herbal products to completely cure their children’s illness as soon as they first get it.

Doctors recommend that to prevent respiratory infections in children during changing seasons, fathers and mothers need to pay attention to eating, drinking, dressing, playing and even when children sleep.

Children should not be given cold or cold foods, especially cold drinks. During daily activities, if your child’s clothes are wet due to diapers or playing in water, they should be changed immediately to avoid catching a cold.

According to N. Giang (Reporter)