Remedy to treat sinusitis in 7 days with loofah

Remedy to treat sinusitis in 7 days with loofah

Sinusitis is a chronic disease that many people suffer from, causing discomfort and fatigue for patients. Unexpectedly, with folk remedies from loofah, you can promote this disease.

Sinusitis is a common chronic disease today. Symptoms of sinusitis often recur, especially when the weather changes, causing significant impacts on the patient’s daily life and health. Therefore, sinusitis is often difficult to treat completely. However, it is still possible to effectively resolve common symptoms and prevent the disease from developing and recurring. In folk medicine, there are many remedies and drugs that effectively treat sinus disease. Among them, medicine from the luffa plant has very good curative effects without causing side effects.

The luffa plant has many health benefits.

Notched luffa, also known as luffa, scientific name is Luffa acutangula (L.) Roxb, belongs to the Cucurbitaceae family.

This is a very common plant in life. When ripe, luffa (yellow peel and fibrous intestine) is harvested and used as a medicinal herb to treat many diseases. Not only the melon fruit but also the stem, leaves, and roots all have medicinal effects.

According to Oriental medicine, melon fruit has a sweet taste, neutral properties, is non-toxic, can be used to make drinks to help increase milk production for women who have just given birth, and can be cooked with pig trotters to eat.

Loofah is a medicine that nourishes the blood, stimulates the blood, clears the meridians, detoxifies, relieves pain, and stops bleeding; Used to treat intestinal bleeding, hemorrhage, and bloody dysentery.
Luffa fruit: Luffa fruit contains a lot of viscosity, it helps ease digestion and stimulates milk glands, enhancing blood circulation.
Luffa leaves have a bitter and sour taste and are slightly cold; has the effect of clearing blood, clearing heat and detoxifying, whooping cough, treating bleeding wounds, treating acne…
The seeds have a slightly sweet, neutral taste; effective in treating cough with phlegm, difficulty urinating…
The vine has a sweet taste and neutral properties; It has the effect of clearing the meridians and clearing the meridians and clearing the phlegm.
The roots have a sweet, neutral taste; Has a cooling and detoxifying effect. Can be used to treat sinusitis and back pain.

Below is a remedy for sinusitis from melon:

Treat sinusitis

Lesson 1: Dried melon

– Pick a few melons, then dry them thoroughly. When they are completely shriveled and hard, put them on hot porridge to dry completely.

– Grind these dried luffa fruits into fine powder. This powder can be stored in tightly tied plastic wrap or in a small jar with a tight lid.

How to use: when you first wake up, scoop out 6g of luffa powder and dissolve it in a small cup of warm water. Use this remedy continuously for 1 week to gradually eliminate unpleasant sinusitis symptoms.

Lesson 2: Use the roots and rhizomes or old stems of luffa (near the base) to decoct and drink 8 – 12g each time.

The same ingredients above can be used to cook with lean meat and then eat the meat and drink medicinal water.

Efficacy: After using the medicine 1-2 times, there will be a lot of nasal discharge, you will feel a little dizzy, then the inflammation will heal on its own.

You can also use additional remedies by taking the luffa stem and scoring it slightly, powder it, and blow into your nose 2-3 times a day.

Lesson 3: Use loofah stem: 10 – 20g loofah stem, 8 – 12g myrtle stem, decoct and drink.

If the side effect of the medicine is constipation, you can add 30 – 40g of black sesame.

According to Nha Nam (Reporter)