Things to do to get rid of heavy body condition after Tet

Things to do to get rid of heavy body condition after Tet

During Tet, the dishes are often rich and contain a lot of protein, fat… besides, constant alcohol and beer make your body heavy and your liver is affected. According to experts, in order for the body to get rid of fatigue and restore the liver after Tet, we need to quickly eliminate unscientific living habits, starting with getting enough sleep, eating moderately and strengthening the body. motor.

Foods high in fiber from vegetables, tubers, and fruits will help keep the digestive system from being overworked. Photo: T.L

According to MSc. Le Thi Hai, former Director of the Center for Nutrition Examination and Consulting, National Institute of Nutrition, after every Tet holiday, many people often feel their bodies are heavy, sluggish, and even gain weight.

The reason why weight gain occurs during Tet is because people’s energy needs decrease due to more rest time, while physical activity and manual labor decrease. During Tet days, there are often many nutritious foods, rich in energy, protein and fat such as: Cakes, candies, jams, sausages, sausages, frozen meat, banh chung… while people are easy-going. more in food and drink.

To eliminate the heaviness of the body after Tet and regain energy, people can apply the following methods:

* Sleep in accordance with biological rhythms and get enough sleep

During Tet, people often wake up late, watch TV, go out late… so sleeping time is often disrupted. Sleeping too little or too much affects your health, making your body tired and causing weight gain. When the body lacks sleep, the metabolism will slow down, causing the body to burn fat more slowly.

Change and gradually get back to your old lifestyle, adjust your normal sleep rhythm and get enough sleep (7 – 8 hours a day). The first few days of implementation may be difficult but you need to be persistent. Adjusting sleep to the usual time will help the body feel refreshed and reset its working performance after Tet.

* Drink enough water

The simplest way to help you purify your body without fear of hunger and that anyone can do is to drink lots of water. You should drink 1.5-2 liters/day. Drinking lots of water also helps you eat less. You should use filtered water or fruit juices processed into low-sugar smoothies such as cucumber, zucchini, carrot juice… to supplement many vitamins and purify the body to help the digestive system work better. and no weight gain. Do not continue to abuse alcohol, carbonated drinks and stimulants.

* Don’t eat too much

Eating too much will burden the body, causing indigestion and bloating. To avoid overeating or overeating, people should eat in the opposite direction after Tet. Instead of eating rice with meat and fish, then eating soup and fruit, you can eat soup, vegetables, and fruit first, then eat rice with meat and fish, which will be very helpful for you in still eating enough but not eating a lot of rice and fish. meat. If you have a bloated stomach, drink water made from artichoke flowers, thyme, cumin… to help speed up the digestive process.

* Limit high-calorie foods

To relieve the body, people need to pay attention to limiting foods high in energy, fat, and cholesterol such as soft drinks, carbonated drinks, cakes, candy, fatty meat, butter, cheese, and offal. animals… or fried foods. Foods that help you get enough nutrients without overworking your digestive system are high-fiber foods from vegetables, tubers, fruits… It limits absorption and pulls fats out of the body.

You can also use some types of porridge that are very good for the body such as garlic porridge, ginger porridge, cornmeal porridge, eight treasure porridge… to help the body be flexible and gentle, strengthen the spleen, warm the body, and cure diarrhea. , tired person.

* Gradually practice old habits

As soon as you wake up each morning, you should try to exercise for at least 15 minutes. This exercise will relax the mind, make the body flexible and agile, and help burn excess calories for the body effectively. Depending on each person’s physical condition, choose different exercises such as walking, yoga, etc.