General information

▶️ History

  • 1990: Initially starting a business from a pharmaceutical store.
  • 2000: Established Hiep Phong Company Limited specializing in importing and distributing Pharmaceuticals
  • 2003: Construction of Kim Hoang An Pharmaceutical factory, located in Nhu Quynh – Van Lam – Hung Yen. The factory specializes in manufacturing all kinds of Oriental medicine and packaging and blistering Western medicine with a capacity of over 1 million tablets per day.
  • 2009: Established a member company in Ho Chi Minh City, DP Nang Dong Joint Stock Company (Dynamic).
    We have built a pharmaceutical distribution network evenly distributed across the country and embarked on developing distribution in foreign markets.
  • 2011: Established Italian STAR DP Co., Ltd. in Da Nang.
  • 2015: Established DP ÉLOGE FRANCE VIETNAM Joint Stock Company at Que Vo Industrial Park – Que Vo – Bac Ninh.
    Up to now, Hiep Phong has always developed and sustainably connected the system while improving production, import, export and distribution capacity. Build a strong brand for businesses and products.

▶️ Field of activity

  • Distribution: Pharmaceuticals, functional foods, health care products, medical equipment…
  • Production: Oriental medicine, Western medicine.
  • Import: Pharmaceuticals, functional foods, health care products, medical equipment from countries such as Korea; Poland..
  • Export: Pharmaceuticals, Health care products, Medical equipment.

▶️ Development orientation

  • Become a professional corporation that produces and distributes pharmaceuticals, health care products, and medical equipment in the domestic and foreign markets.

▶️ Working environment

  • Successful employees will enjoy many benefits: social insurance, health insurance, salary, monthly/quarterly/yearly bonuses.
  • Work in a dynamic, stable, convenient and fully equipped environment.
  • Enjoy other benefits such as: Leave, Union, insurance, annual vacation…
  • Birthdays, group activities, group bonding and cooperative activities.
  • Training and advancement opportunities for creative and progressive employees.